Restoration Update Sunday, July 23 800am

Our current outage count is down to 4751 members; we are making good progress and are thankful for another clear day.  The beginning point for crew locations for today may be viewed on our outage map at  Please remember this is a beginning point and as soon as power is restored on one location crews move to another area to begin restoration work.

The storm that passed through left thousands out of power and we know how difficult this is to our members.  We apologize for your inconvenience and continue to ask for your patience as we continue working.

It is important to remember that power restoration must be done following all industry safety protocols to protect our line workers.  Restoration must also follow a progression of getting the main line on that feed large areas, then focusing on the lines feeding subdivisions and smaller areas, otherwise areas on down the line would not receive power even if their service line, etc. had been repaired.

Please remember to stay away from any downed power lines, and always assume they are still energized, while we continue to fight through the challenging work to get all power restored.


Posted on July 23, 2023

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