Update July 23 9:45 am

We are currently at 4748 members out across portions of 7 counties, with the vast majority being in Pickens and Cherokee counties.

Our current confirmed broken pole count has risen to 80, and we expect this to continue to rise.

We have a total of 34 outside crews, line crews and ROW crews plus all of the Amicalola EMC crews working on our system.

This list is a beginning point for the areas the crews are working in.  Important to note:  This is not an all inclusive list and does not contain every road name or area.  Also, once work is completed in an area, crews will move to another affected area to work. There are different phases of work to be done such as assessment, right of way clearing, engineering, material collection/delivery, tearing down damaged lines, replacing poles and building new lines. There are different crews for various phases of the work, which is why you may see trucks come and go in a damaged area before the work begins.  Please understand we strive to restore all power as soon as is safely possible.

Sunday, July 23

-Reavis, Fourmile and Spearin Road (Multiple Broken poles)

-Lower Dowda Mill

-Pleasant Union to Henderson Mtn (Broken Poles)

-Fairmount, RYO, Pearl Johnson

-Henderson Mtn on the Jerusalem Side

-Lake Arrowhead

-Heard Road, Bishop, North Keithsburg Area Long Road (Broken Poles)

-Clayton Community (Broken Poles)

-Grandview (Broken Poles)

-Carlan Road, Carver Mill (Broken Poles)

-Thompson Lane

-Fitts Road (Broken Poles)

-Yellow Creek, HWY 53 in Marble Hill from Yellow Creek to Ga Marble

-Harley Trail

-Salacoa Heights


-Bent Tree

-Townsend Teague

-Mullinax Road

-Bennett and Camp Dobbs

Thank you for your continued patience as we work through this massive power restoration effort.

Posted on July 23, 2023

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