Report An Outage

To report an outage, call:

Check the outage map

Reporting an outage is fast, easy, and convenient. Calls to Amicalola EMC’s outage reporting numbers will be directly connected into the outage reporting system. Write these numbers down and keep them somewhere that you’ll have easy access to during an outage.

Please do not e-mail regarding an outage. You will receive more prompt service by telephone.

Steps to Power Restoration

View this illustration to understand the steps taken to restore power from an outage.

Steps to Restoring Power

Updating Your Records for Outage Information

During extended power outages, members calling in to report outages may be directed to our Automated Outage System. In order to efficiently identify your location, please take a few moments to review your billing statement to verify the service address (911 address) and telephone number are correct. Please make sure that the telephone number listed is the primary phone number for the service location.

If any changes are needed, please either contact our office at 706-253-5200 or e-mail us this information along with your account number and the name the account is under. Please do not report outages by e-mail.

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