Capital Credits

Capital Credits

What is a Capital Credit Refund?

In a local electric cooperative – like Amicalola EMC – every member owns the business. Once all operating expenses have been covered, the extra, unused funds paid in by the members of Amicalola EMC may be returned to the members as a capital credit refund. Isn’t it nice to know that at Amicalola EMC, you get the credit?

How much is returned?

Your board of directors recently approved a capital credits return of more than $2.7 million to members who purchased electric service from the co-op during 2003. This refund is a reflection of monies assigned to these particular members.

The amount of an individual’s capital credit refund depends on the amount of electricity that member purchased from the cooperative during 2003. Those members will receive their refund in the form of a credit.

If you know a former member who may be due a refund, please share this information with them. Former members will be asked for the following information:

If you have an active account, your credit will be applied to your account instead of a check being mailed to you.

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