Amicalola EMC Scholarships

shown here: 2019 Amicalola EMC Scholarship winners

2021 Scholarship Application

**Deadline to apply for the 2021 scholarship is January 29, 2021**

The 2020 Youth Awards Banquet was cancelled this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, scholarships were still awarded to 140 students, totaling $137,000. All scholarships are funded using unclaimed property, in accordance with O.C.G.A. 44-12-236. Scholarships are awarded based primarily upon grade point average, SAT/ACT scores and financial need. All winners must reside in a household whose power is supplied by Amicalola EMC.

Due to challenges associated with the COVID-19 pandemic the requirements for the 2021 Amicalola EMC scholarship will not include SAT or ACT scores. Scholarships will be chosen based upon grade point average and financial need. Scholarship winners will be announced in March 2021 and the funds will be dispersed to the appropriate colleges during September 2021.

For additional information about the scholarship program, contact Stacey Fields, Director of Public Relations at 706-253-5287 or

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