Levelized Billing

Amicalola Electric Membership Corporation offers levelized billing for their members. In order to qualify for levelized billing, an AEMC member must have a minimum billing history of 12 months and a zero balance with no record of late charges or cutoff notices. Levelized billing is determined by using your current month’s usage in kilowatt hours of consumption. To this we add the previous 11 months of actual kilowatt usage and divide by 12, getting an average of your kilowatt consumption. Your bill is based on this average which is recalculated every month, dropping the 13th month and adding the current to allow a rolling 12 month history. To sign up you will need to fill out a form and mail it back in. There are two options, you can sign up for levelized billing with bank draft, or you can sign up for levelized billing without bank draft, just click on which one you prefer in order to get a form you can print out and mail in.

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