Dec. 25 7:30 a.m. Power Restoration Update

Merry Christmas to everyone.  Our crews continued to make progress yesterday and through the night and we are now down to 467 members without power.

One outage persists in Big Canoe and has 224 members without electricity.  The affected area is Blazing Star Trail, Wild Pansy, White Aster, Wild Cat, Blue Sage and surrounding areas. Other smaller outages have occurred in the last 24 hours in other parts of our service area.

Even though it’s Christmas Day, our crews will be working today and every day until all power is restored.  The extremely cold temperatures have given us some challenges, ones that we don’t face during warmer weather, but one thing we’ve learned is that each storm is different and has different characteristics and challenges.

Thank you for your patience.  Please pray for the safety of our linemen and for the safety and well being of all affected members.


Posted on December 25, 2022

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