Crews work to restore all power

We are thankful for a beautiful day with good weather so our crews can get all power restored. We do still have approx. 432 members without service in an area of Gilmer County where several poles are having to be replaced. We also have a few scattered outages in other counties, but crews are assigned and making progress. As you may know, when a storm or outage of this magnitude happens, assessments have to be made, plans formed and work begins. In cases like this, where they are so many trees down, these have to be cut and/or cleared away, which many times includes clearing them out of the roadways so crews can get in. Our right of way crews are extremely skillful and do this work as quickly as can safely be done. Once this step is complete, the line crews can get in locations and begin to rebuild the lines. Our service area is 1100 square miles of territory, in many cases over mountainous terrain that is not easily accessible. The mountains we call home are beautiful but they do pose unique challenges during power restoration.  Thank you all for your patience as we work hard to restore all power as soon as is safely possible.

Posted on April 14, 2020

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