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CAN_LogoThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is issuing new rules limiting the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions of coal and natural gas based power plants. Amicalola EMC and other electric cooperatives rely heavily on coal for generation. For example, coal made up 29% of our generation mix for 2012, along with hydro, nuclear, natural gas, some renewable and solar.

Coal is plentiful and affordable in the southeast. Any regulation that does not include coal in the generation mix will result in an increase in the cost of generation, thus resulting in an increase to you and all our members.

NRECA, Georgia EMC, Amicalola EMC and all electric cooperatives strongly oppose the new rules and believe they should be withdrawn.   Please join our effort at and urge the EPA to work with the electric cooperatives to find a common sense solution that balances energy needs and environmental concerns.

Posted on October 14, 2013

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