To report power outages

To report a power outage, call one of these numbers: 706-253-0359 OR 706-276-0359 OR 706-864-0359. This feeds your information directly into our outage management system. Please make a note of these numbers and keep them handy.

Once an outage has been reported, you may then access current outage information on our website homepage or by downloading our mobile app. While we will post on social media as we have available information, please do not use our social media sites to post outages, as they are not monitored full time.

Please use extreme caution and be safe during the next couple of days, as we expect high winds and heavy rain across our service area. In the event of downed power lines, never go near a downed line and always assume they are still energized. Our sincere wish is for the safety and well being of all our members as well as all our employees. We will keep safety as our top priority and when outages do occur, we will restore them as soon as is safely possible.

Posted on September 10, 2017

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