Restoration Update, Tuesday, July 25 9:30am

There are just over 100 members still out from the storm. Our broken pole count is approximately 120 poles.  We have crews working on every outage. We anticipate all power will be restored by the end of the day if not sooner.

The storm was brutal and left a wide path of destruction as it went through.  We know being without electricity is inconvenient and difficult – everyone, including us, depends on it for almost every aspect of our home and work life.

We’d like to take this opportunity to say thank you to our members, from the employees, staff and management of Amicalola EMC. You guys have been great offering words of encouragement, giving support both on facebook and in the field when you’ve encountered our crews, offering food and drinks, and just overall being supportive and understanding of how bad the storm was and how hard all the crews have worked to get the lights back on.

Restaurants in Jasper and Ellijay have stepped up to prepare meals to feed this army of line workers we’ve had here working. Area hotels have housed them and other businesses have helped us obtain needed supplies.

We are blessed to live in a community like this. All Amicalola EMC employees are local and live in the communities we serve, so the same folks you might see at church or in the grocery store are the ones out working on the lines, in our Dispatch control center, in our warehouse, truck shop, and in our offices.

We sincerely hope everyone can get back to their normal routines very soon and we are thankful that there were no major injuries to any line worker or any of our members as far as we know.


Posted on July 25, 2023

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