Restoration Update – Saturday 11:00 am

Crews made some progress during the night and our current outage count is at 9089 members. Our broken pole count is now nearing 70 and will continue to increase.
We know it is difficult on our members to be without power. This storm left so much devastation that restoration has been challenging, but all power will be restored as soon as is safely possible. There are protocols that must be followed to ensure everyone gets to return home safely. Thank you for your patience during this time and we are expecting to make substantial progress today.
One important thing to remember is damages must be repaired to the main lines feeding the area, before power can be restored further down the line. Many of the areas still out may have large amounts of damage to the line feeding the area, that must be repaired before the next step can be taken. Electricity flows from the substation, thru multiple circuits over the distribution lines, to the main areas, then to smaller areas.
The following areas will have crews working in them today.
-Reavis, Fourmile and Spearin Road (Multiple Broken poles)
-Lower Dowda Mill
-Pleasant Union (Broken Poles)
-Henderson Mtn towards HWY 53, Fairmount, RYO, Pearl Johnson
-Henderson Mtn on the Jerusalem Side
-HWY 20/White
-Heard Road, Bishop, North Keithsburg Area (Broken Poles)
-Clayton Community (Broken Poles)
-Grandview (Broken Poles)
-Carlan Road, 53 West between (Broken Poles)
-Cove Road from Big Canoe Station (Broken Poles)
-Yellow Creek, HWY 53 in Marble Hill from Yellow Creek to Ga Marble
-Reinhardt College Parkwy
-Old Mill White, Bent Tree
-Upper Salem
Northern District
-Tails Creek (Broken Poles)
-Clear Creek
-Maxwell Road
-282 (Broken Poles)
-Ridgeway Church Road (Multiple broken poles in this area)
Posted on July 22, 2023

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