Preparations for winter storm

The weather forecast continues to include the possibility of snow, ice and freezing rain this weekend.  As we get prepared, please remember this important information.

  1. In the event you lose power, please report it to one of the following numbers: 706-253-0359 OR 706-276-0359 OR 706-864-0359. Important:  While we update the website and facebook page as information becomes available, those pages are not monitored or intended to collect information regarding downed power lines or power outages.  That information must be called in to one of the numbers above to be accurately reported.
  2. All power will be restored as soon as is safely possible.  Safety is the priority so that everyone can return home to their families.
  3. Our service area covers 1100 square miles of territory across portions of ten counties.  Amicalola EMC has an average of about 9 meters per mile of line.  We are not densely populated like some urban areas and when power outages are widespread across our system, the restoration times may be longer.
  4. Power is restored from the substation to the end user, typically in that order.  Why?   We start with the substations and work outward down the three phase main distribution lines.  This serves two purposes.  First, power must be restored at the source before it can flow further down the line, finally getting to the end user. Second, this allows the greatest number of members to be restored first.
  5. Amicalola EMC has approx. 90 outside crew members.  There are also dozens of Amicalola EMC employees working behind the scenes. In addition, we have contract crews (and equipment) that we bring in to assist in the restoration process.  If an extended outage occurs, we also bring in crews and equipment from our sister EMCs in Georgia, and sometimes from other parts of the southeast.  Plans have already been finalized to bring some crews in and depending upon what happens more crews are available.  Our decision makers have decades of experience and will make the best decisions possible to safely restore all power, should outages occur.  We ask for your support and patience in the event an extended outage does occur.
  6. Please take time today and tomorrow to make some preparations should you lose power.
  7. Within our service area, there are many cross country lines that run through wooded areas.  While we are continuously performing right of way maintenance, there are many trees that are beyond our allowed right of way that are tall enough to bring the power lines down if they fall.  In the event this happens, our right of way crews and contractor right of way crews will go in first to clear the trees, then damages will be assessed and a plan formulated to restore power.
  8. In the event of an extended outage, updates will be made as information is available but remember our real-time outage map may be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and that is the most accurate information regarding the location and extent of power outages.
  9. Again, we ask for your support and your patience. In the event of a power outage, all power will be restored as soon as is safely possible.
Posted on January 14, 2022

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