Power restoration update – Friday morning, 10:27a.m.

We are down to 3063 members without power, from a high Monday night of 27,583. The current outages are in 5 counties as follows: Cherokee 3, Dawson 480, Gilmer 183, Lumpkin 2284 and Pickens 113. We do understand that it’s been a very long week for those still without power, and we really appreciate your patience at this time. It’s important to remember this was no ordinary storm. We’ve made history in the fact that Georgia was under a tropical storm warning. The damage is widespread and severe. Our crews are working so hard and we have so many fine men who have left their families and their homes to come here to help us.

If you are currently out of power, please make sure the outage has been reported into our outage management system by calling one of these numbers: 706-253-0359 OR 706-276-0359 OR 706-864-0359. This is the method we use to track where the outages are. When you call in, you have an opportunity to leave a message if you have important helpful information. Even if you know someone near you has reported the outage, please take a moment to call in so your specific location can be recorded.

Again, thank you for your patience.

Posted on September 15, 2017

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