Power restoration Update, Friday July 21 8:30 am

Our current outage count is at 13,261, down from almost 26,000 outages reported last night, however these outages are spread across over 200 separate locations.  We do expect this to be a multiple day event in some areas and the following information is part of an assessment report from this morning. We have found 30 to 35 broken poles thus far. We do expect this number to continue to rise.

Headquarters (Jasper and surrounding areas):

  • There is a transmission line out to one of our substations which serves over 1200 members in the Kelly Bridge Road, Lovelady Road, Yellow Creek, Stancil’s Store, Eagle’s Nest, Cowart Road and Chumbley Road areas.  There are also multiple broken distribution poles that have to be replaced.
  • In Bent Tree, there are several trees on the line and some broken poles on Cove Road that affects Bent Tree and Grandview Road.
  • Jerusalem area has several broken poles.
  • Salacoa area has at least one broken pole, trees on lines, etc.
  • Clayton area has multiple broken poles and appears to be one of the hardest areas hit in terms of our service area.

Northern District (Ellijay):

  • Highway 382 there are a couple of broken poles and multiple lines down.
  • Highway 282 has multiple trees on lines and lines down.
  • Clear Creek area has multiple trees on lines and lines down.

Eastern District (Dahlonega):

  • One broken service pole and in the Duffy Grizzle area there are a few spans of lines torn down.

Crews have worked through the night and we are in the process of obtaining additional help from unaffected areas as soon as they can be released.  Thank you for your patience and additional information will be released once it becomes available. (See below, photo showing trees across power lines, this has occurred across much of our service area. The other photo is our current outage map.

Posted on July 21, 2023

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