Power outage in Pickens County – Pickens High affected

A power outage occurred early this morning in Pickens County, when a very large tree fell and brought down power lines resulting in three broken poles on Hopkins Lane, just off Hwy 53 East. Originally over 1300 members were affected, but crews were able to restore power to everyone quickly with the exception of the affected section of line. That section has now also been restored.

One of the locations in the affected section of line was Pickens High School…not what you’d order up on the first day of school following summer break. Our crews were rapidly on the scene to assess damages, restore what they could and replace the three poles and rebuild the lines.

All power was restored as soon as was safely possible. We apologize for this convenience, we know this made for a difficult first day for educators and the affected students at PHS.  We hope everyone can get back on track and enjoy the rest of their day.  Here are some photos from the work site.

Posted on August 1, 2023

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