Outage Restoration Update – October 31, 2020 3:30



We currently have 14,648 members without power.  This is down from the 38,000+ that were out of power when the storm passed through early Wednesday morning, October 28.  We have crews working in the following areas today.  These are both right of way crews and line crews, so its important to remember that downed trees must be cut away and cleared before the line crews can get in to rebuild the power lines.

Hwy. 20 / Stamp Creek Road
Lake Arrowhead
R.M. Moore School
Yellow Creek
Bent Tree
Pearl Johnson
Mineral Springs / Salem
Roundtop / Old Hwy. 5
Kent’s Store / Yellow Creek
Darby Road
Blue Ridge Hwy.
Hwy. 52 E
Roy Road
Chatsworth Hwy.
Pleasant Gap
Parker Road
Blackberry Mountain
Rock Creek
Hwy. 136 – Old Furnace
Turner’s Corner
Pumpkin Farm / New Hope
Auraria Road
Black Mountain Road / Cavender Creek
Mill Creek
Hwy. 136 / Gold Creek
Hwy. 9 South

Posted on October 31, 2020

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