Outage numbers rise as trees fall on lines

We currently have 584 outages for a total of 17,625 members out, now in all 10 counties across our service area. Trees are heavy with snow and ice and they are leaning and/or falling on power lines. The lines are being torn down. It is important to remember we are only allowed to clear and maintain a 30’ right of way in most cases. We have a prescriptive easement in some cases, but that is also limited to a specific area as well. The trees that are leaning and falling are tall enough so that while they do not stand within the area we are allowed to clear, they are striking the wires when they fall. We now have assistance from many other companies, including
Little Ocmulgee EMC
Washington EMC
Flint EMC
Pike – Jefferson Energy
Pike – Altamaha EMC
Pike – Jackson
W A Kendall

For a total of 105 additional men, plus the 100 or so outside crew members of Amicalola EMC. Please stay away from any downed power lines and please be patient and prayerful for the men as well as our members that we can restore all power without injury or incident.

Posted on December 9, 2017

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