High winds and severe thunderstorms cause widespread power outages

Severe thunderstorms and high winds resulted in thousands of power outages late this afternoon.  Currently 21,967 members are experiencing power outages across all counties in our service area except Forsyth.

URGENT! Please stay away from downed power lines – do not go near them and always assume they are still energized. This warning also includes NO DRIVING ACROSS DOWNED POWER LINES.  Report any downed power lines to 911, then report them to us using our outage management system via the following numbers:  706-253-0359 OR 706-276-0359 OR 706-864-0359.

Our crews are assessing damages so that a power restoration plan may be put into action quickly.  In storms of this nature, with hundreds of trees and tree limbs blown down, restoration will first involve clearing trees from roadways so crews can get in to see the damages.  Once trees are cleared off the power lines, lines can be put back up and broken poles can be replaced. We are already aware of many downed lines, some broken poles and other damages to our system.

Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work to restore all power as soon as is safely possible.  Please pray for the safety of our line workers as well as the safety of all our affected members and their families.

Posted on July 20, 2023

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