Amicalola EMC members from 2001 to receive $1.9 million in refunds

At Amicalola EMC, members are more than just consumers, they own the company. As a member-owner of a not-for-profit electric cooperative, members are assigned any monies collected in excess of operating costs. When financial conditions permit, the board authorizes a refund of these monies.

This year, the board will allocate a $1.9 million refund for members who had electric service during the year 2001. Individual refunds are based upon the amount of electricity purchased during the specified year. If you were a member in 2001, and still have an active account, look for a credit on your September electric bill. Other refunds will be sent by check.

For more information, please contact the Member Services department at 706-253-5200 or your local Amicalola EMC office.

Posted on August 14, 2019

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